Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm

The overall state of fragmented and often impersonal dementia care in the U.S. catalyzed the organization of a grassroots initiative of a diverse group of over 60 dementia care experts representing the practice, policy, and research sectors to come together. It quickly became evident as discussions got underway that there was consensus agreement among the diverse group of experts. Quality of life and care center around preserving dignity and optimizing well-being for people who have dementia and this is best supported through person-centered values and practices.

There is no better time for our nation to cross the quality chasm for dementia care as the current National Alzheimers Project Act and other national dementia initiatives are underway. This white paper presents a conceptual framework for person-centered dementia care as well as recommendations. It is the first step needed to evolve fragmented and impersonal dementia care systems and practices in this country to person-centered ones.