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Speak Up and Connect With Others

by Michael Ellenbogen, Dementia Advocate I am going to start with the end in mind. You can do all this no matter what your challenges are. In 2008 I was given a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease after struggling for 10 years. As a workaholic I found it difficult when I could no longer work, or have purpose in life; something that is so import read more »

Person-Centered Matters Video

Person-Centered Matters Person-Centered Matters is a beautiful and compelling 16-minute video produced by the Dementia Action Alliance and filmed by a former National Geographic filmmaker. It portrays five people living with dementia and how person-centered care helps them live more fully. Person-centered care is the gold standard and can help mak read more »

A Soulful, Heart-Based Reinvention of Assisted Living

A Soulful, Heart-Based Reinvention of Assisted Living By Martin Bayne: Martin has been an assisted living resident for more than 10 years, and credits many of his ideas to his experiences as a Zen Buddhist monk and an MIT scholar. His website is; his literary journal showcasing authors ages 60 and older can be found at T read more »

Alzheimers Stole My Fathers Speech Our Dog Brought It Back

Yesterday afternoon, I had the privilege of spending a little bit of time with my dad, who is in the advanced stages of Alzheimers. My parents have two dogs in their home, one of whom, Molly, is my fathers constant companion. More than once, Ive watched him coo and talk to Molly even as his ability to form sentences and find the words he needs to read more »

Dinosaur Doctors and the Death of Paternalistic Medicine

Dinosaur Doctors and the Death of Paternalistic Medicine By: Carolyn McClanahan Physician/Financial Planner/Forbes contributor discussing all things money and medicine The traditional practice of medicine is a paternalistic affair – the patient goes to the doctor, the doctor tells the patient what to do and the patient does as ordered (or mo read more »

Family Caregivers: Is your Self-Respect Intact?

Family Caregivers: Is your Self-Respect Intact? Article by Joy Loverde:  Author of the best seller, The Complete Eldercare Planner: Where to Start, Questions to Ask, How to Find Help (Random House, Updated and Revised, 2009).  The book is the best we saw , says the AMA. Joy serves as a consultant to employers, manufacturers, senior read more »

The Dementia Action Alliance

The United States is facing unprecedented growth in the number of people living with dementia. Currently there are approximately 6.8 million Americans – one in eight individuals age 65 and older – living with dementia. This number will grow at an alarming rate as the baby boom generation reaches older adulthood. Providing services and read more »

Informed Consumer - CCAL

This is the first generation that has such a wide and varied selection of aging services and supports. Many of the current services, supports, and products did not even exist a generation ago such as assisted living, long term care insurance, medical advocacy, geriatric care management, professional organizers, remodeling/universal designers to he read more »