Literature Review


Literature Review – Person-Centered Dementia Care

An extensive literature search on dementia and ‘non drug therapies’ was conducted for the Dementia Initiative. The literature search was conducted by UCLA researcher, Dr. Lené Levy-Storms and her research assistant, Lin Chen. Each research article was ranked in terms of its strength of evidence based on the Administration on Community Living (formerly Administration on Aging) guidelines – ( The highest evidence ranking is for experimental or quasi-experimental studies published in a peer-review journal. The research articles are additionally organized into categories such as psychosocial practices, cognitive stimulation, and communication and language.


One Response to Literature Review

  1. D.E.B. Potter says:

    Thank you Jackie and Karen,

    I will be citing your lit search work (and the white paper) in work I am doing. The formal citation I am using for the lit search is:

    Levy-Storms, Lené and Lin Chen. 2013. “Person-Centered Dementia Care Literature Review, Appendix 3” in Dementia Care: The Quality Chasm, K. Love and J. Pinkowitz (eds). Falls Church, VA. National Dementia Initiative, CCAL, available at

    Think about adding a formal cover to the lit search PDF, with citation info. If folks print the PDF as is now, all citation info get lost. You should get creidt for your hard work.

    Thanks again for all the good work. DEB

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