Did you know that the United States contains more people age 65 and older than the total population of Canada? The fastest growing segment are people age 80 and over. They currently represent 10% of the population and will more than double by 2030. This has significant implications for our nation’s aging services and supports.

The spiraling aging demographics will place unprecedented demand on America’s aging services and supports. While healthier lifestyles and advances in medicine and treatment have added years to life, it is as important to add life to those years! CCAL’s focus is on helping to ensure that aging services and supports do not acquire an assembly-line mentality to meet the increasing demand; instead, are centered on humanistic dimensions that include personal preferences and values that stress dignity, choice, self-determination, respect, privacy, and individuality. CCAL calls this person-centered living (PCL).

CCAL defines a consumer as elders and their families. To insure that consumers’ collective voices are heard, our three-pronged approach includes:

  1. Helping empower and engage consumers through a national initiative for consumers to create their own “PCL Bill of Rights”
  2. Partnering with leading national organizations to host “Town Hall Forums” to bring together aging consumers with aging professionals, providers, and government leaders to discuss needs, interests, and challenges in numerous cities every year.
  3. Launching a national ‘by consumers-for consumers’ awareness campaign so that aging service and support providers clearly know what consumers want.


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