Best of The Web Nomination

Consumer Consortium Advancing Person-centered Living nominated for the second year in a row

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One Response to Best of The Web Nomination

  1. Rafael says:

    Great post Karen! Ironically (and unfortunately) I was in the ecnegermy room for a badly sprained ankle two weeks ago. I was genuinely surprised and appreciative when the doctor came out to the waiting room to greet me and roll me in. As an attendant was rolling me back from x-ray, she passed a cart and offered me a warm blanket and it felt great! We all dread going to the ecnegermy room because of past experiences it really doesn’t take much effort at all to completely transform that experience. There is nothing fun about needing medical care or elder care services. Waiting rooms and queues are always going to be a reality in these settings. The little things we do like this shift the attitude of the customers/people from being angry/stressed to when we walk in the door to someone that feels like you have their best interest at mind and is receptive to engage in a dialogue.

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