Advancing Person-Centered Living


As Chair and Founder of CCAL, it is our pleasure to welcome you to this on-line community for advancing Person-Centered Living. It is our hope that PCL becomes the national norm. As people grow older, they should not experience a loss of humanity. Person-Centered Living (PCL) means having control and self-determination over choices in daily living as well as being treated with values that stress dignity, respect, privacy, and individuality if services and supports are needed.

YOU MATTER, whether you are a consumer, family member, professional, provider, researcher, educator, policy maker, or any or all of the above, there are numerous ways you can engage with the community: become better informed; share your experiences and insights; express your beliefs; hear from featured experts; stay connected.

All of us at CCAL hope you enjoy the on-line community, visit often, and share HOW YOU ARE ADVANCING PERSON-CENTERED LIVING for yourself, your loved one, your clients, and/or others. For PCL to become the national norm, it will require a ‘tipping point’ of consumers unwilling to accept anything other than PCL. We look forward to Advancing PCL with you,

Jackie Pinkowitz, Chair
Karen Love, CCAL Founder

One Response to Advancing Person-Centered Living

  1. Keep up the good work on trying to make the National Alzhemeir’s Plan something actually geared to helping people with dementia, rather than an employment plan for researchers and neurologists.

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